GUIDELINES (Please read before posting!)
2006.Jun.07, 01:36 PM
GUIDELINES (Please read before posting!)
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In an effort to keep forums relatively organized, I have setup several guidelines:

  1. Use common sense - Just because it isn't explicitly stated as one of the rules below doesn't mean it's OK. Use common sense and good Netiquette when posting, replying and browsing these forums. This includes the following:

    • Also see General Guidelines for Off The Wall, which contains additional information suitable to the forums in general.
    • No posts for the sole purpose of increasing your postcount.
    • No "senseless" posts. Yes, its subjective. As a subjective way to help understand, if a coherent conversation cannot be read in the thread, it might be senseless.
    • Keep the forums free from SPAM. This means no SPAM posting, no personal messaging SPAM, no SPAM in signatures or elsewhere in your profile. SPAM includes unsolicited messaging. If it takes you hours to send hundreds of Personal Messages, it is still SPAM. Also, please do not reply to SPAM, just report it.
    • No Quote pyramids.
    • If in doubt, don't.
  2. Check that your question isn't answered anywhere else - Most forum users seem to overlook the obvious. If you have a question, chances are someone else might have asked it already.
  3. Search before posting - Please try to use the search feature on the website prior to starting a new topic regarding a problem you are experiencing. Chances are, due to the rapid postings on the forum, your problem may have been solved already or a problem similar to it. By searching prior to posting, you will help yourself by find a solution sooner, and keep the newer problems in focus.
  4. Be as specific as possible - Nobody can help you if they don't know what's wrong, or what you did to get the error you recieved. Providing this information will greatly aid others in assisting you, and will allow us to diagnose your problem easier and sooner.
  5. Use BBCodes if you feel you can - BBCodes help to make articles more readable. For more information visit:
  6. Thank those who help you - If you post something and someone helps you, simply replying with a thank you message or an acknowledgement that their suggestions worked are very much appreciated.
  7. No bashing - If someone is posting about a problem they are experiencing, don't simply tell them they are wrong and recommend they try your recommendation. Instead, provide facts or opinions supporting your recommendation, provide positive feedback, and please keep the criticism low.
  8. Keep on topic - If you are replying about something to do with battle statistics used for crimes, and someone mentions how the stats in melee weapon attacks, don't start talking about melee weapon attacks, stick to the topic. Go start a new topic and post a link to the old one if there is relevant information there.
  9. No personal attacks - These forums are not a place for you to take cheap shots at somebody because he/she did something. Do that some place else (or better yet, get over it). You have been warned. Hopefully, this won't be much of a problem here. If it does turn into a problem, player account for the forums for those involved will be suspended.
  10. Illegal activites - Please do not discuss illegal activities unless it pertains to the game, such as cracking software, breaking into web sites, etc. on these forums. While such activities might not be illegal in all countries, this server is hosted in the US and, as such, must abide by US laws. By allowing discussions about illegal activities to take place on these forums, we may expose the game to unnecessary legal liability. Therefore, any posts that advocate activities that are illegal under US laws may be deleted without notice.
  11. Cross posting - Please do not post the same question to multiple forums. Cross posting clutters up the forums and makes things like searching harder for other users. If you feel your question could fit in multiple forums, please pick the best one and post there. If you would like your topic moved, message a Moderator. Also, please do not post about the same subject multiple times. One thread is sufficient. See Report violations, duplicates, misplaced posts, etc. if you like a thread moved.
  12. Ask Questions The Smart Way - If you are new to the internet, forums or the world of Awakened Lands or if you just aren't sure what kinds of questions are okay to ask and how they should be phrased, then please read "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" and "How to Report Bugs Effectively". It covers many of the same points as covered in this guide, but goes into far more detail and offers detailed explanations and suggestions.
  13. Keep image sizes within reason - If you use an avatar or include an image in your signatures, please observe the following guidelines:
    • Avatars should be no larger than 45x45 pixels.
    • We reserve the right to remove images with offensive, annoying or otherwise problematic content.
    • Avatars from different hosts as well as on our servers cause lag. Image sizes are restricted to keep the forums speedy.
  14. Multiple accounts - Each person should have only one account. If you get banned for some reason and simply create another account, it might get banned the minute the moderators become aware of it.
  15. Advertising - Most people here play other games online. Talking about them in the forum is common. There is a fine line between talking about them and advertising though. Advertisements will be removed. Using us to build your own player base for a game you are involved with or own is not the proper thing to do. If you want to advertise your game on AwakenedLands, please contact Zenith or Err.

You should periodically check this topic for updates.

Thank you.