Gang vault for weapons
2007.Apr.24, 01:20 PM
Gang vault for weapons
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Would love to have a vault(within the gang) for weapons so they can be saved for new members. Everytime we upgrade our weapons we pass them down but it be great have an in house storage facility..
2007.Apr.24, 02:47 PM
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I agree, would make it a lot easier to pass on weapons.
2007.Apr.24, 03:27 PM
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I like this Idea also and would like to see it happen. But please search to see if someone has already posted about this.

there are others but that was the first I ran across

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2007.May.10, 05:54 PM
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since its open anyway.....i'd like to add a stim section too..gang stims and food.....As it turns out I could have used it alot today.