*bangs a tin cup on the cell doors*
2006.Jul.25, 07:32 PM
*bangs a tin cup on the cell doors*
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*glares at the others, trying to scare away the bigger guys with a look*

*wonders if the pigs intercepted that letter to Sam I Am about busting out*

So... you guys been in here long?

*looks inquiringly at his fellow inmates, attempting to open up conversation and pass the time*

(I think a prison wall forum would be entertaining... a messageboard you can only see while sitting in prison. It would make for some fun reading I'd think)
2006.Jul.25, 07:36 PM
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thats Kool...
2006.Jul.25, 08:52 PM
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haha Koor is an RPer!
2006.Jul.25, 09:05 PM
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*sends "Bubba" after Joey*
2006.Jul.25, 09:11 PM
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*emotes something*
2006.Jul.25, 09:16 PM
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*Bubba ignores the emote, and makes Joey his little "buddy"*
2006.Jul.25, 09:19 PM
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*RPs with you*
2006.Jul.25, 09:25 PM
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*Bubba tells you your "role" after Koor leaves the room*
2006.Jul.25, 09:30 PM
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Warden hands a note to both of you that reads...

"Get a room you two."

Wait a minute, you do!

Zenith [2]
Game Creator and Admin
2006.Jul.25, 09:31 PM
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*does some typical RPer emote that includes zenith*