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2012.Feb.24, 02:30 PM
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(2012.Feb.23 11:56 PM)TheGeek Wrote:  It's strange to see a post I made 5 years ago still on the front page of this forum.

It's what happens when no one visits this subforum.

Whatever leniency I extended to you and your comrades before, may have been in error. If you persist in halting our course, we will burn your pathetic fleet down to the last man.
2012.Feb.25, 09:18 AM
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it would be sweet if this was updated, then all the extra shit cleaned out. maybe sticky it to the top here or something.

MickyFilth hits VerboseCollegeKid for 1653 damage. VerboseCollegeKid resists 27 for a total of 1626 damage.
FilthyMick hits AlphaCentauri for 1619 damage. AlphaCentauri resists 67 for a total of 1552 damage.