SuperDave [24993] What a Baby! WAH!
2023.May.20, 03:05 AM
RE: SuperDave [24993] What a Baby! WAH!
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(2018.Mar.09 11:35 AM)Maccleod Wrote:  
(2018.Mar.09 09:40 AM)johnsonhalo76 Wrote:  
(2018.Mar.08 10:13 PM)SuperDave Wrote:  
(2018.Mar.07 10:13 PM)johnsonhalo76 Wrote:  Lol. Thats funny af. I was enjoying his shitposts.
Hes gonna think it was me

Like you really could or would. RolleyesNeutral

I can. Its pretty easy, like on click and some typing. I just don't care enough anymore

Just to clarify it was me that banned you, again.
Ban these nuts you little British pantywaste pansy.

Dave's not here man he's a fugitive from FeD3r4L Ja!L.
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You pound Macleod to a bloody pulp. When you are satisfied at the pool of blood laying at your feet, you slip off into the shadows.

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