Game Updates for September 2008
2008.Oct.01, 02:36 AM
Game Updates for September 2008
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  • Fixed issues with critical-hit chances being lower than they should for certain weapons due to a rounding issue.
  • Fixed complicated memory-leak issue on server that caused random lag (lag was due to apache restarting).

  • Just so there is no confusion, the retirement district is closed and has been since the 24th based on this <a href="forums/viewtopic.php?p=88989#88989">announcement in the forums</a>.

  • Fixed issue where defender was more powerful when their encumbrance rate was over a certain amount.
  • By request, removed Beelzebub from retirement.

  • Finally replaced the help tutorial with AbysmalPoptart's version.

  • Did some reconfiguration of the database server to make better use of available server memory.

  • The newest shipment for helmets came in today. Ask Raf about them since he's the only one who can buy them at the moment.

  • Removed 3,276 player accounts that never activated after activation was required. Some referral numbers may change (referral points are not affected, since these accounts were never counted).

  • Due to many free mail sites blocking some of our site emails (registration, forum notifications, etc) the forums have been switched over to use another mail server to send out notifications. This has caused a slight delay when posting (second or so) as the forums connect to a dedicated mail server.
  • Changed registration code to utilize a dedicated email server.

  • Fixed gang battle GP issue where some players were gaining 3 GPs instead of their normal amount due to rounding.

  • PvP combat weapon selection by the defender now takes into account skills. Selection is based on potential damage.
  • Fixed forum issue where clicking on an inline image to see the full size didn't show the image.

  • Fixed server time issue where it was 31 seconds ahead of most atomically-set clocks.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the new server showing warning messages for defunct code.
  • Increased speed of database sorting.

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