Get up off your ass and do something!!!
2014.Jun.06, 04:14 AM
Get up off your ass and do something!!!
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Whether you are a broke game owner wondering where all those donations and best donators went, a player with more years online at AL than levels, or somebody who paid an ass load of money to bully around a bunch of 15 year olds, I challenge you to do something!!!

I'm not going to put much money down here as long as I think they will pack up like Vampire Wars did. I WILL sit here and play for free or damn near it and have fun.

Make an update
get a level
buy a gang
join a different gang
crush a market
shut up and go away

I won't ever be top dog on this game because you can't just erase years of activity and piles of cash without a lot of people going away or getting slack. In less than 3 years I have clawed my way near 200th in total stats. Your Fu is weak. It's fun making the big boys work. As long as they will spend the game stays on. I am here to drain them of everything... perhaps they will out live me.


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