2007.May.28, 09:44 PM
Post: #21
Yes, prices change for the houses. I had the second from the last house in Ind District. I thought I was many many thousands away from the last one. Next thing I know when I look I only needed 1K to get it. Do not recall that many crimes getting me money. LOL Usually busting my friends out. HEHE
2007.May.29, 04:24 AM
Post: #22
Scorpious Wrote:..................... Do not recall that many crimes getting me money. LOL Usually busting my friends out. HEHE

You mean to say, I can actually do it for a living? aww drek :shock:
2007.May.29, 06:16 PM
Post: #23
HMMMMM, never thought about asking my friends for cash in getting them out. Then again,

1. I don't charge friends for busting them out,
2. I don't charge strangers for busting them out because they may bust me out at some point so I would rather do it that way so they may remember me and help get me out,
3. I don't try to bust people out that are total arses (my spelling here, no filter) to myself or others. I let them rot. LOL So if people are in jail and I have the APs and the XP to bust them I may just not notice them in there at the time, but if I have been on for a long while and do not try busting them they may fall under #3 here. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, give it a try Dorm. I bet some people will probably pay some cash for busts. Remember, it was being done a few weeks ago by somebody. I felt in a good mood when he busted me so I mailed him some cash. Smile Smile
2007.May.30, 05:16 AM
Post: #24
lol, you mean I open up sth like a charity box - I bust you, you pay me if you want to, how much you feel like, probably a thanks much, hehe...

Anyway I'm being busted for free since I've known how to do crimes Scorp, so I'll probably return the favours, bust for free and stick to crimes and mugs for the paper issue. Wink

I might start a Hitman business tho - sth like "anyone up from level 1-12 giving you trouble? Get at me ingame" what do you think?
2007.May.30, 07:21 AM
Post: #25
I think you should start a new thread in General Discussion, this topic WAS about propery.
k, thnx :shock:
2007.May.30, 07:22 PM
Post: #26
guess it got carried away
2007.May.30, 10:58 PM
Post: #27
Yeah we did. Just thinking of allthat money we could make caused us to get sidetracked. Not anymore though. Smile
2007.Nov.03, 10:37 PM
Post: #28
The only thing more important than buying a house is playing the game)
that is very true
2008.Jul.19, 09:31 PM
Post: #29
My Townhouse has lost 80K in value since I first purchased it. Of course that was approximately a year ago, around the time the Midland Villa was first introduced.

Buyer BEWARE!! Watch the market and try for the lowest price.
2008.Aug.25, 08:29 PM
Post: #30
Eirikur Wrote:i inherited mine after i killed an admin. that is why you don't see anyone with the user id of 1

when i first started playing this game i believed this and i was mad because i couldnt kill anyone and inherit a house