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joining a gang - 66221144 - 2006.Jul.19 12:39 PM

man it's so hard to join a gang first people sya they will let me join if i have lvl 3 or up i do have lvl 3 and they don't let me in

- 666666 - 2006.Jul.19 12:55 PM

If you get 10,000 you can start your own. Save your money and do the crimes equivilant to your level. Using this method you should be able to make 10,000 after a while.

Atletnately you can pay for credits and sell them.

- 66221144 - 2006.Jul.21 03:18 PM

theyve changed it to 15 k [$15,000]

- CouchMonkey - 2006.Jul.21 03:29 PM

It wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt 100k per extra slot in the gang. Considering the games economy only has like 3 million to it, thats quite a lot.

- Chris Mangano - 2006.Jul.21 04:27 PM

If you have 5 gang members you should be able to get some good money doing OC's. Our feeder gang has 6 and they make good money from OC's.

As for starting a gang, the best way is to donate and get some cash. Cash takes a long time to build in the game. You should have no problem finding people to join your gang once you start it.

- peajew - 2006.Jul.22 04:12 PM

chris is right, OCs pay good with almost 100% success u will get money no problem, dnt forget to pay ur gang members tho Wink

- CouchMonkey - 2006.Jul.22 04:49 PM

We have tried about 8 times and have only succeeded once. Every time was the 2 person crime.