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banks - 666666 - 2006.Jul.17 05:02 PM

Cancelled the idea.
People from my school made this unfair by voting. I did NOT ask them to.

- Jack Daniels - 2006.Jul.17 05:17 PM

you mean kinda like the PASSWORD that you use to login to your account already? Seriously, i don't think you need a pin on your bank account.

- 666666 - 2006.Jul.17 05:24 PM

its for if your account gets hacked

- 666666 - 2006.Jul.17 05:25 PM

its only optional as well so if you dont think its necisarry you wouldnt have to use it

- Sam I Am - 2006.Jul.17 05:32 PM

Does your account get hacked often or something in other games?

- zenith - 2006.Jul.17 06:04 PM

From a security standpoint, don't do the following...
  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Don't use simple words.
  • Don't use obvious words, such as your email address.
  • Don't use family member names, birthdates, or pet names.
  • Don't use religious words (which seem to be very common).

Also, adding a number in place of a letter can throw off a lot of brute-force hack techniques.

- 666666 - 2006.Jul.18 06:43 AM

many people use keyloggers. Thius is basically the history of what you type. It doesnt matter if you tell people your password. The bank pin would be extra security.

- Sam I Am - 2006.Jul.18 07:07 AM

I assume you are using a public computer then?

If they are using a keystroke logger then they will just as easily get your "bank pin".

Maybe we don't understand your situation...

- 666666 - 2006.Jul.18 10:25 AM

the bank pin would not be typed. It would be a set of numbers you have to select using the mouse

- beelzebub - 2006.Jul.18 01:30 PM

I don't see what the big deal is. Keylogger will just log your PIN, so instead of knowing 1 password, they now know 2.

If someone really wants to get into your account, your bank money is the least of your worries. I'd be slightly annoyed if I had to click numbers on the screen just to get into my bank account.

No offense, but I am sure the staff have better things to do than fiddle with a bank PIN system.