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Game Updates for June 2009 - zenith - 2009.Sep.01 02:46 AM

  • Major forum security updates. Almost every portion of the forums has been altered to prevent known bugs.

  • Upgraded item equip code for upcoming new restrictions on new items.

  • Upgraded item information pages to display upcoming new restrictions on new items.

  • Slightly increased the minimum recharge amount for DeMag recharges.

  • Manufacturers can now recharge current and future DeMag tools. The current DeMag tool available, the DeMag R1, was won in a contest and is considered unbreakable for recharging purposes. Future DeMag releases that are available in stores (not yet) will have a chance of breakage when recharging.

  • Updated forum software to the latest security patches.

  • Fixed unexpected behavior of using career points to recharge a belt. Belts can no longer be recharged past what was intended when using the manufacturing career.

  • Security sweep on all pages for potential exploits.
  • Fixed code on multiple pages to improve performance.

  • Fixed potential cyberware exploit.

  • Fixed credit market issue where adding 0 credits generated an error.