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Makeshift enemies list - filthymick - 2009.Jan.17 11:27 AM

for all you guys with out donor status, or if ur gonna lose it soon and wont have it for a lil while, heres what i do....

pick out a few of ur favorite inactive targets (works best with inactives since they dont read mail). send them a mail with the subject being their lvl, or ur typical xp from them, or their location. w/e u put for ur enemy comment. now when u dont have an enemy list to farm from, u can just look through ur sent mail.

just dont delete ur unread mails and ur good to go.

- ShadowKid - 2009.Feb.05 05:39 PM

lol thats a smart idea man.

- filthymick - 2009.Feb.05 07:27 PM

thanx! 8)

- abysmalpoptart - 2009.Feb.05 09:09 PM

that or save their ID# into notepad. either or Wink

- ShadowKid - 2009.Feb.06 06:44 AM

Abs smart idea as well.

- iceman2020 - 2009.Feb.06 06:47 AM

Or buy 500 credits

- ShadowKid - 2009.Feb.06 06:54 AM

another good idea.

- Accipender - 2009.Feb.22 03:29 PM

abysmalpoptart Wrote:that or save their ID# into notepad. either or Wink

- abysmalpoptart - 2009.Feb.22 05:54 PM

start, all programs, accessories, note pad

- emocakes - 2009.Feb.22 06:05 PM

Windows Button + R, notepad, Enter