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Suggestion for a Playing Guide for ÜberNoobs - Druchii - 2006.Nov.04 07:08 AM

Where to start?

As you log on for the first time, you need to do some basic work to start out to do crimes successfully.

The first thing would be to train Dexterity, and only train on full Energy Points (EP), the second thing would be to go to crimes and do the simple crimes.

Three Shells Con Game 1
Two Dice Con Game 1

Following a simple target 1

Note that the two first crimes are a tad harder to pull off, but they give cash, whereas Following a simple target is mostly used to level up from level 1-2. When youve trained dex for a bit then, Three shells are easier.

After both Energy Points (EP) and Action Points (AP) are spent, the best thing now would be to go to Explore --> City bank, and open a bankaccount, it costs 50 to open, but well worth the investment. Remember to put cash in bank often so that you dont lose too much if you get mugged.

If you have trained Dexterity alot and done money wielding crimes with success, then you will reach the amount 1000$, which is exactly what you need to get your first house upgrade. Houses upgrade Happiness, and Happiness increases youre Gym Point gain Smile

Doing Crimes

Do the 1ap crimes to begin with, when you succeed alot on those, begin to do 2ap and then 3ap pickpocketting

There are a wide arrange of crimes that rely on dexterity, but pickpocketting seems to be the most reliable ones, so sticking to them until you have enough dexterity to do GTA is probably a wise move.

When you get upto level 4dexterity, begin doing 4action point Pickpocketting, when you begin to succeed around 80-90% of the attempts, advance and start doing higher pickpockettings. 5ap picpock, 6ap pickpock etc

On level 8-9 dexterity you can begin doing 9AP GTA, Steal a clunker. This is the start of the High Cash Crimes.

On a sidenote, there are some crimes that rely on full happiness for you too be more successful. So you dont always need to train before crimes, although in the start youre skills are too low to guarantee success in anything. I would suggest that you start experimenting with crimes on full happiness and low happiness once you have begun getting bigger houses.

And another factor in doing crimes are levels, the higher level you are the better you will do things.

Levelling up!

I cannot stress enough how important this is, once youve gotten a weapon, and have trained up accuracy and dexterity, begin attacking ALOT. Do not attack online people, do not attack the same people over and over. But attack everyone you can beat.

Once you level up, every few levels increase your Energy Point gain, your Action Point gain.

And levels hold the mystic benefits of improving your battle stats, improving how well you do in crimes, giving you EP and AP faster, allowing you to do bigger gym trains, allowing you to do bigger trains. So training a bit less to attack more will pay off. So dont hesitate to attack more. Just remember to use the "Leave People In Shame" option when attacking.


Its nice to get a job, although the payouts they give are low atm, so aim in the beginning for jobs with work xp. none of the other skills really matter much in the beginning.

To help with getting work xp there are some classes in AWA school that gives work xp. check out the eduacation thread in "help by players"

I would recommend later to get jobs in decatur waste management, since they hand out good work xp, and nice endurance+intel gains Biggrin


To take a school course you will need the cash and a full bar of Energy, you you cant start a course its because your level is too low and you dont have enough EP or that you dont have enough cash.

My suggestion for classes to take would be PE courses. To get enough Intelligence to get jobs, either take the Beginning Computer or buy credits on credit market and convert them into intelligence.

Top Courses to take are PE40, Beginning Computer in the start.


As you progress in levels and start to earn more Energy points each 5min, you will see that EP goes up faster then Happiness, and to keep training on full happiness you will need to start attacking people. So first get the 5000 house and then go for a 2500 gun. Now you can start attacking people, and when you start doing that, train up Accuracy 2-3 levels before training up Dexterity again.

Strapping on Melee's would mean you have to divert effort into also training up strength, so stick to Accuracy and dexterity in the beginning to make the best of the weapons you have.

Important things in Combat are Accuracy, Dexterity in the beginning, and later when damages from hits have begun to get higher, Resistance.

At 8 Dexterity you can avoid most hits from lower ranked people, so begin working on Accuracy, your goal is to bring it upto skill level 12, where you can equip a T-250, which is the best weapon in the early game for non donators.

Attack people below you in level, dont attack online people. And if you can attack people witohut losing too much life, try attack people higher up in level.

And when you begin to approach level 10, get Resistance, and get armor. You will now get attacked by some high levelled people, and they will deal heavy damages to you and having armor with a good Resistance skill will help ALOT.

The weapon you wanna save up to is the Armalite PeaceKeeper and the T-250 since these are the best weapons that doesnt need endurance Biggrin


Try to find a pattern of Attacking and Training that keeps Happiness as close as possible to full. Happiness is the slowest refreshing stat, so jail time will injure it, find friends that will liberate you early during a jail time.

If you can donate and do happiness refreshes to train all the time, i would rather advice you to buy endurance, since you have endurance forever.

The only way to increase Happiness is to get a bigger house, so thats probably the most important part in the game. And helping friends to get their house in return for help with yours would probably be a nice idea, also, there are gangs that help out with house upgrades. So be careful when joining gangs.

Try to spend 1/3 of EP bar as you train, since most people have low endurance the training gain each EP will go down with 0.04-0-06 in large trains. And by training only with 1/3 of EP bar you will have an overall higher Happiness as you do crimes, that will result in more Successes in crimes that require happiness Biggrin

Item Market

Here is the place players auction out theyre old weapons and armors. Some sell them at really low prices and some just wants to rob you. So click on weapons to see how much they cost on purchase.


There are two ways to be in a gang, make a gang or join a gang. First time i would consider to join a gang, just to have someone to ask for help, someone to defend you if anyone else is attacking you too much and someone to help you get those high priced houses.

When you make a gang, you only have 3 slots and to make it bigger you will have to buy upgrades, which after a couple times becomes increasingly more expensive. So be sure to get active members, and kick the ones that arent, because a major part of the gang economy is fuelled by Organised Crime. And to succeed there you need to have been active on the game.

The gangs are about having respect, its how we rank the gangs, so when you begin to get a bit up, try to start a war with other low powered gangs. Its a chance to gain both respect and XP. And you might push your gang a step or two closer to the top.

How to get Credits

The referral system can be a lucrative income for some people. So the ones that can send out their referral link to alot of people and get people to join the game will benefit alot from it. And if you are fortunate enough to get alot of people to join, help them out, talk to them and explain them the basics to keep them in game. The longer they stay in game, the more you will gain from them.

But for non-donators you will only gain 50% of what donators get from referrals, so for those that will put alot of effort into referring people into the game might consider donating 5 bux to get the most out of the referring system. But even without donating, the referring system will ensure you alot of donating days if you put work into recruiting people.

If you intend to donate, do it early, and get donator days, theyre of so much help for people. Credits will help you in alot of ways, to get cash, buy endurance, intelligence, happiness and energy refresh. But arent in anyway needed to play and enjoy the game.

And lastly, when you start earning alot from crimes, run to credit market and buy credits, the faster you can start to buy credits from credit market to get donator days, the better off you will be. Any credit cheaper then 500 is worth buying, and sometimes you will find credits under 250. So waiting for the right credit bulk to buy wouldnt be that half bad Smile

And the most important Tip, use the forum, use the mail system.

Go to Explore -> Recently Active Users, find people over level 10 and ask them about things youre wondering about. It never hurts to ask if youre wondering, and it just might go faster then posting in the forum. And who knows you might get to know one of the swell people playing.

Best Regards and Good Luck,

- Druchii - 2006.Nov.04 07:11 AM

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Re: Suggestion for a Playing Guide for ÜberNoobs - Eaglefreak - 2006.Nov.04 08:59 AM

Druchii Wrote:Where to start?

The first thing would be to train Dexterity, and only train on full Energy Points (EP), after awhile when you have gained some cash, around 1000, you open a bank account and buy the cheapest house. Now you will be able to train a bit better. But continue to train Dexterity.

I would have to say get a bank account first thing, being at a lower level, if you get mugged, its hard to build up $. You start off with $100 and it cost $50 to open a bank account. Go ahead and spend the money on the account. Then after each crime or $ that you get, go ahead and deposit into the bank, that way if you get mugged, you don't lose your hard earned money.

The rest I would agree with

- Druchii - 2006.Nov.04 09:10 AM

Thanks, i think your right, added it Biggrin

- Chris Mangano - 2006.Nov.04 12:07 PM

Looks real good.

- Druchii - 2006.Nov.04 01:24 PM

Thanks, figured new people would appreciate it, if it could be put somewhere easily reached inside the game.

Would be nice to keep more of the level 1's that join and leave Smile

- Eaglefreak - 2006.Nov.04 04:20 PM

Talk to Zenith and see if she could put it in the Help tutorial on the main page

- ShadowDude - 2006.Nov.04 04:45 PM

you could also make it automaticly come up in your mail box when you first log on i have seen that in some games and it seems to work

- ShadowDude - 2006.Nov.04 04:47 PM

plus you should also put in there somewhere that you should spend your happiness in this game first then do crimes seeing is that what everyone else has told me!

- oddjob - 2006.Nov.04 05:47 PM

ShadowDude Wrote:plus you should also put in there somewhere that you should spend your happiness in this game first then do crimes seeing is that what everyone else has told me!

not necessarily true. see here