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experience... - noblebandit - 2006.Sep.14 05:41 AM already lv 7 and im still have a long journey to go to be lv 8... i have already 1014 exp points and i feel like the exp bar is not moving...

those who are in the higher levels, i salute u guyz for ur hardwork and perseverance esp. to the person who is the highest...

i still have a long journey to go till i reach u guyz(and maybe exceed!)!!!

- blade101 - 2006.Sep.14 12:04 PM

dont worry u will make it im lvl 6 and wen i first started i found it hard to get to level 3 lol

- 666666 - 2006.Sep.14 01:11 PM

blade101 Wrote:dont worry u will make it im lvl 6

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

He said hes lvl 7 cant u read

- Inferno - 2006.Sep.14 04:01 PM

lol... good job.. keep it up

- noblebandit - 2006.Sep.16 05:17 PM

at last!!! im level 8 now! lol

- 666666 - 2006.Sep.17 03:38 AM

then blade101 comes along congradulating you and offering advice