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A new Gang Proposition: - DreadPiratePinky - 2006.Aug.24 01:17 PM

Pending a few discisions i need to make i'll be starting my own gang (so i can see what that is all about).

I never have run one, so no nothing about the gang crimes and what not.

My question is: Would anyone be offended if I named my guild "Weed" and all it's members had a name that was connected with smoking pot?

I myself will change my name to Towlie.

i dont want to do this, only to have someone whine about it and ask an admin to force me to stop.

So...before I cause grief (unintentionally) anyone got an issue with this name and nameing convention?

Potential names may include:
Hanibus Rex

- zenith - 2006.Aug.24 01:26 PM

Personally I don't have a problem since I probably won't understand any of the names, but if it offends the community you might try something else. We do have kids who play.

- DreadPiratePinky - 2006.Aug.24 01:34 PM

zenith Wrote:Personally I don't have a problem since I probably won't understand any of the names, but if it offends the community you might try something else. We do have kids who play.

I understand, although most kids who play this game probly know Towlie and wouldn't be offended.

it would be the parents of kids I would think may have issues with it.

Maybe 666666 too, cause he strikes me as a possible straight edge.

- Lostangel - 2006.Aug.24 01:39 PM

I would have to agree with Zenith on this one. I, personally, have no problem with drug-related names. However, if it crosses the line into promoting drug culture, the game could get into trouble with the law. I am not saying it will, just that it could.
(I feel like a back room lawyer - shoot me! No! Wait! I was kidding...
16 Lostangel 198 minutes Lost in combat to an angry mob)
Basically if you have a name like The Tookers, that would likely be ok. If you have a gang called Weed is GOOD, then that wouldn't be.

- DreadPiratePinky - 2006.Aug.24 01:43 PM

if you don't know weed is good by now, me naming a gang that wont enlighten you.

Im just toying with the idear anyways. we'll see what I do. One friend says to stick to my pirate theam.

I challange you to talk like a pirate here, cant even say Damn shit hell.

well i see you can say hell. Woot!

to hell with yas!

- Lostangel - 2006.Aug.24 01:48 PM

Arggg. There be Pirates around here, you skallywag! Who says me otherwise? I'll skewer his gizzards and feed the rest to the birds! And that's on me good day!

- zenith - 2006.Aug.24 01:48 PM

I had to resist the urge to switch hell to snugglebunnies there.

- Lostangel - 2006.Aug.24 01:51 PM

Darn you all to snugglebunnies and back! I like it!

- 666666 - 2006.Aug.24 02:00 PM

huh wat u mean straight edge?

- oddjob - 2006.Aug.24 02:27 PM

666666 Wrote:huh wat u mean straight edge?

painting stupid black X's on your hands, and then going to your heavy metal or whatever it is that straight-edgers liten to, and being all intense about stuff.........all while never once having experienced that sweet, sweet pleasure which sometimes, but not allways, only Mary Jane can offer....yea no booze neither. sweet. sign me up.

Im in love with heady Mary Jane.