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Fighting - LuparKoor - 2006.Aug.14 03:40 AM

Since I was level 4 i've made a point of training stats to a rediculous number instead of leveling. In doing this, when I chose to gain a level, it was no trouble to attack people two or three levels higher than myself, and defeat them.

As of late however, I find that impossible to do, and most my battles, even with people 2 levels below me end up with the police arriving and without me having landed many hits.

Has anyone else noticed that most of your swings/shots fail to land when attacking now?

Ive spoken to others in my gangs about this, and they are saying the same thing.

- vampira - 2006.Aug.14 10:18 AM

same with me

- Lostangel - 2006.Aug.14 11:27 AM

There seem to be a few striations within the game. You may be at the top one of those levels. Since the game is still fairly new, there are not a lot of high level players yet.
When I joined, there was a group of "elite" players, such as Chris and Sam. Then there was everyone else. The elites were higher level and had better stats and items.
Now the elite group is still together, although smaller now. I am a part of the second wave of "new elites", which now include those former elites who couldn't afford to keep up with those at the top of the game.
I can tell that there are other power groups below mine, based on how easy it is for me to defeat people. There is a group that can hit me, and do damage, but will always be defeated or occasionaly stalemate (they need better ACC/dex). Another group that can hit, but only does 1 point of damage (they need weapon upgrades and ACC/DEX) and the last group of everyone else that can't hit or damage me. This last group may have variations that I can not detect.
Until recently, I could not take anyone my level, due to this. Now I can stalemate with those around my level, and I should win someof those when I get a new weapon.
You likely need a new weapon, or to train up ACC to hit the other people more often. You will then see that you will again get to fight and defeat people of your level.
My battle stats are:
Acc - 2000
Dex - 1500
Res - 1500
Str - 1100

- Inferno - 2006.Aug.18 11:21 PM

ive only been training 2 stats together

for example (no this is not wat im doing) str and resistance..

so if i do hit per say it would b for massive damage and yet ill recieve little damage for ur hits

(again not wat im doing) ive been attacked over and over by the same guy... and every time its been a stalemate... for him vs me... (me not attacking back an no weaps or armor)... so im not saying im the best at my lvl... but it seems that some ppl are merely training one stat only at a time >.>