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Rest In Peace Howl - JakeBlues - 2021.Feb.01 08:24 AM

There is no good way to say this.

Howl is gone. She died last Monday.

She was a pillar of the community, an upstanding AL citizen and by far one of the most honorable person I ever cyber met.

We thought she had many friends and people that knew her here and that you should know.

Thank you, and may you all be safe.


RE: Rest In Peace Howl - deathishere - 2021.Feb.01 07:41 PM

Rip Howl

RE: Rest In Peace Howl - rhondamick - 2021.Feb.02 03:52 PM

Howl was a good friend and a wonderful leader of the gangs I have been involved with in this game.
She was also a very nice human being who suffered most of her life with medical issues.
Schlerderma eventually took her life.
Remember to hold your loved ones close and tell them you love them.
Praise God all the time,
In Jesus name,
May Howl (Jean Berndt ) Rest in Peace.

RE: Rest In Peace Howl - CrazyFoley - 2021.Feb.02 10:50 PM

Rest easy my friend. Thank you for the decade plus of friendship, and the unending generosity you showed myself and the community at large. The eternal wolf pack has a new alpha.

RE: Rest In Peace Howl - GlennQuagmire - 2021.Feb.03 01:20 AM

Sad to see this. Had some good conversations with Howl over the years and some fun causing trouble in the game with her. Bye mate.

RE: Rest In Peace Howl - Mosqtark - 2021.Feb.03 09:49 AM

It pains me greatly to hear that our wolf has been lost. Howl I cant express how much you will be missed, but your name will live on forever here.

I will never forget meeting you first in SV, you were like a giant to us newbies. Then after a ton of game play and changes accross the board, when I thought I was about done with the game... You and RJ brought the game back to life for me.

You will always be a great friend on and off the game!!!! So sad about our Howl! But you will always be loved!


RE: Rest In Peace Howl - rhondamick - 2021.Feb.03 10:00 AM

How do you put photos of wolves in here?

RE: Rest In Peace Howl - JakeBlues - 2021.Feb.03 12:21 PM

Eek Does not seem to work

RE: Rest In Peace Howl - TommiTheTaco - 2021.Feb.04 05:04 PM

She's no longer suffering. One of the few people I actually liked in this game. Shame she's gone.

RE: Rest In Peace Howl - Jackal - 2021.Feb.04 05:04 PM

I have no words to express the sadness I felt when I heard the news. She was a wonderful person in the game and in rl. She will be missed greatly.

Rest In Peace Howl...