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2020... - Batman - 2020.May.11 04:38 AM

The year is 2020...old memories, parts of my past are trying to come back... Many nights I was dreaming at happines when I saw a contest or a hosp war... I remember parts of days in gangs like DM, Warlords under SG and The gang where Mac was leader (I don't remember The name) I think was Asylum or something like that. I remember The days when I made angry RJ and Howl, SG, Mac because I was and still I am a n00b.
I remember when spacebird was angry and guess what he just keep me în hospital... I remember when The hosp wars was a thing...I remember The online hits and The days when Loki and w00k were The kings...

Now I am just an adult who is playing a dead game... Is just very awfull when you are an adult who lost his smile...

Btw... I am back bitch....