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just what ever. - UNKAGED - 2016.Apr.01 10:55 PM

flashbangers for fighting handgrenades for hideout attacks.
they could sell them in a shop around 100k each they don't have to do major damage say around 120 attack points for grenades and first two hits for flash if you can understand that then good.

RE: just what ever. - Dreadwind - 2016.Apr.27 11:16 PM

That wouldn't work well, you could take out a whole hideout with a few of them. But then each hideout you attack could be limited to using 1-3 frenades per hideout

RE: just what ever. - UNKAGED - 2016.Apr.28 04:37 PM

don't matter now ive gone back to torn at least I get something for my time and money.

RE: just what ever. - backfromhell - 2016.Apr.28 08:49 PM

torns good with the amount of players, but not as fun IMO

RE: just what ever. - UNKAGED - 2016.Apr.29 01:15 AM

awakenedlands is faster refresh but in torn I can play fast enough for my liking and get shit loads more for my money I don't mind spending hundereds of dollars if I know I'm getting something for it.

RE: just what ever. - filthymick - 2016.Apr.29 09:34 AM

Way overly populated. I played for 2 months. Made 0 friends, in fact ppl I didn't already know from AL didn't talk at all. Fuck torn. Also there's no way i could catch up and be a significant member of the game in an acceptable amount of time.

RE: just what ever. - UNKAGED - 2016.Apr.29 11:38 AM

that's not the point the point is what you make it.
yeah you wont get near the top but the point is to have fun.
theirs shit loads you can do in torn it ranks you in the level your in with the others of that level
and you unlock achievements as you wont to to design your player
I thought this game was going to be the same but since this game got hacked and fucked over sending out her code zen quit
mate and cipher isn't going to code for yous this games looping over and over again and going nowhere
no new players since god knows when no incentive to play
all the big players quit and they spent shit loads like me
I don't give to fucks about this game now
even when you start a new player its not the same no free refills of energy they shut this game down the only reason its still going is coz people payed shit loads of money everyone in the top 50 end spent over $1.5k min and that's just for their end.
sorry zen and cipher you should'nt have gave up.
maybe she's trying to rewrite a new code but I fuckn doubt it.


RE: just what ever. - filthymick - 2016.Apr.30 10:00 AM

We all know the game is dead but after 8 years I don't want to put time in another game. Any other game I play gonna be on a console