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credits - Mock8800 - 2013.Nov.04 02:43 PM

How much are they worth? I see 900 on the market but I assume that's just Gaz.

RE: credits - filthymick - 2013.Nov.04 03:51 PM

around 600 unfortunately but still better than 9

RE: credits - strqaz - 2013.Nov.04 08:08 PM

600 is reasonable yeah, more than that is bullshit

RE: credits - RenegadeJEDI - 2013.Nov.05 01:17 PM

TheGeneral will be the last person playing the game selling credits that high. I sell my credits for $400-500 when I donate. I haven't for a couple months though because of asylum beef

RE: credits - johnsonhalo76 - 2013.Nov.05 02:09 PM

he does it because people still buy them. god used to be those prices were put up by like poptart and crunchy to be funny

RE: credits - strqaz - 2013.Nov.05 04:16 PM

That also a problem, should just boycott those, right now it's at 1000$ a cred wtf.

RE: credits - filthymick - 2013.Nov.06 01:58 AM

people who are not able to donate for whatever reason have quit playing because of that shit. should be a $600cap on the credit market.

RE: credits - strqaz - 2013.Nov.06 05:53 AM

credits in here reminds me of irl food goods, only 4 big companies owns it and gives the impression of "variety" in stores. Pretty soon it will only be 1 and they will be free to dictate prices as they wish as they have no competition and/or buying out the competition.

The rich group of AL can just buy all creds posted and resell it 10x more.

RE: credits - deathishere - 2014.Mar.22 04:33 AM

People getting their money's worth. I would blame the admin lack of activity

RE: credits - MrPapagiorgio - 2014.Mar.28 01:53 PM

They're worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. Free market.