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Gym Benefits of leveling. - Mock8800 - 2013.Mar.16 09:35 PM

Figured I'd post this now that I have a more accurate gauge. I remember someone asked a question about this. Hopefully this helps answer any future question about leveling versus training.

I'm in the Midlan Villa, and have an endurance of 21; with 1,300 in dev points.

One level comes out to 1,260,000 cash spent on credits too gain the same benefits.

It'd take me roughly 1.5 weeks to gain a level from 42-50, or 3 months.

So I can gain 25 stats in 3 months, or I can gain 8 levels. Than gain 30 stats in the same time frame. So 6 months from now I would be stronger if I leveled now, rather than later.