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Full Version: Endurance Courses
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I think it would be a good idea to have some education/training courses that provide significant endurance/intelligence boosts (physical training/boot camp/math camp/etc.).

Perhaps pre-requisite stats can be required to enlist in them, ie: min endurance/intelligence lvl of 5, 10, 10000?

we definitlly need more course the olddestr playes soon finish all of them i think


There needs to be more classes, I think its a great idea to have some higher level classes that have some minimum sta requirements to them with some higher results.


Ya, I still have a few courses to complete myself. Perhaps some of the new courses (i'm being optimistic here Biggrin ) could unlock the ability to do some new crimes.

Bomb making 101?



I'm just thinking out loud here, the options are endless but I hope that the results of any new courses are more endurance/intellingence/work exp/ oriented.


I totally agree. The courses were good in theory, and good starting out, but lets be honest- for anyone above lv 20, even getting 100 in a battle stat (which is the highest any course gives) is practically nothing, it's an hours worth of training from a month long course. The endurance and intel, on the other hand, is VERY worth it.

So having courses with stat requirements could be totally awesome, and unlocking new crimes with courses is a fantastic idea. Could unlock jobs with courses as well, which has been suggested before I believe- like a course in medicine, increasing intel drastically, needing a minimum intel to take, and unlocking the doctor's job.



I'm almost out of courses to help education my brain thoughts. :?

Are more courses being considered for the 'poor' players that cannot afford to buy their stats with DPs?
I believe Zenith touched base on this little bit in this thread:

As far as how extensive the endurance will play into it, I don't know


Thx Eagle. :wink:
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