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Full Version: Game Updates for March 2009
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  • Fixed issue with roulette that allowed the betting of $0.

  • Increased total characters allowed in forum signatures to 200.
  • Fixed memory leak for certain log pages.
  • Fixes two potential yet unused exploits to old portions of the site. As usual we do not detail exploit fixes.

  • Handed out DeMag R1's to Valentine's Day winners finally. Only 3 are available, and at the moment they are not rechargable yet. Manufacturers will have this ability shortly. First place got the one with the most charges.

  • Added a new axe to Guido the Fence.

  • Added a couple of new tweaks to the server to optimize memory. For those who have seen an "Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted" error since the new forums were added shouldn't see it anymore.

  • Added 7 new weapons to fill in some stat requirement gaps. All are available at Guido the Fence in the underground for the time being.

  • Our forums have been upgraded and moved to a subdomain. The old forums are now in read-only archive format. The new forums have almost all of the old forum data. All players must re-activate their forum account from the in-game preferences page (must be level 3 or higher as usual).

  • When declaring war, you will now see how many wars that gang is in in the list. The list is now sorted by total wars in, then alphabetical order.
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