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Full Version: Anthr Idea from my F'ed up mind
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Yeah well get over it here it is.

Banks make a killing with the "christmass fund" somthing like that could be done here in AL. Some ppl have a hard time saving up for that new house, they always spend the money. What if a gang held it for them, not letting them have it until the target amount was reached? The gang profits from the intrest collected from all the people sending in the money. The ppl are happy because they get back what they put in and get that new house, etc.
How about it 7laws? you guys got the spots betting. Let's open a 2nd bank and trust. Or are there some high level players willing to take this on solo?
How can this work?


did they delete the player suggestion board?
Where's Zenith to complain about this not being in the right area like she did my thread..?


Would love to have just a simple interest bearing account for the gang.
Id be more than happy to accommodate your needs
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