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Full Version: Loss of Career Rank day
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Id like to propose one day a month (or even every 90 days to be predetermined....maybe anniversary of hiring date ).....that if you are in a career and you dont work you have the option to drop a rank. Like an employee review day, just like in rl if you dont show for a review you, most likely wont have a job or at least wont get a raise. That way those of us that worked alot of jobs to rank 2 wont have to stay in that career for a week not working to lose a rank.

Please hear me out on this one zen...I know I cant be the only one to want this Smile

pretty please


Quitting and Getting Fired
Any job can be quit without fear of penalties. However, you cannot quit a career if you have already worked an hour in that career during the current day. Once an hour is worked during the current day. you will be locked in until the next-day's refresh.

If you are inactive for 5 or more days and have an active career selected, you will be fired by your boss for poor work performance. Being fired is costly, as you will lose a rank in that career if it is above 1.
I am confused.

I have military 4, and I have not worked in for over 3+ months... I have not lost a rank on it because I left the job..

Who is losing ranks while working in another career?

I may be missing the point...
You have to be in that career and not work at all for one week to lose a rank ush
I will mail you in game.. lol
Why would someone want to drop a rank in a career?
Yea this makes no sense at all Pun. Plus I'm pretty sure that you no longer lose a rank if you don't work for a week. As I didn't work in athletics for over 14 days got fired and I didn't lose a rating. All I lost was 1 point in my efficiency score.
so im the only one that can see the big picture here....hmm
Just does not make much sense, IF you were to lose a rank here, why not in skills, if you do not study something for while should you lose your rank there, and you go on and on with this. I see what you saying, if you do not show for job you would lose it, but this not rl, it is a game. I mean does anybody have complex meth lab in their basement.
ok pay attention

for instance

a player is rank:
5 scientist
2 const
2 politics
4 military

they now have to have at least 13 work exp to have those rank levels

what if they decided they wanted to up their scientist to rank 7 to be able to stim out of the hospital with cps.....they would then need to upgrade work exp to 14...which would take forever...but the same player doesnt really need const 2 or politics 2 instead of having to upgrade work exp first...if they could lose a rank in these two careers...they would only then have to get enough cps to upgrade the career they wanted, not both work exp and career


If you have 10 work experience.

You can have all careers at level 10.

You just cannot not go to 11 in any of them.
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