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Full Version: Gang ideas for allies
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I know the idea of allies has been brought up but here are some examples of how it can be worked. Have in the gang admin panel a list you can designate gangs as allies or enemies (almost like a friends and enemies list except with gangs). With allies you can have some pros but of course you have to have some kind of cons to go with it. Same goes for enemies.

Implement the heal idea but have it so with allies you use 25% less points (round down of course) in healing them as compared to normal people or people you feel are enemies. If you want to heal a regular person in the hospital it will be normal CPs and if you want to heal an enemy (as stated in previous thread about gang wars) it will cost 25% more points (round up) to heal them. Also, if yourself or anybody in your gang or ally heals somebody and they are attacked again then you have to either wait until that person's time is up in the hospital or find another medic or an enemy of yours (yeah right) to heal them.

Jail Busts:
If you want to bust an ally you use less points (1, 2, or whatever amount is decided) to try to bust them, normal amount on yourself or regular folks, and extra points (same priciple as for allies) for enemies. As a LVL 24 and the other levels divisible by 3, I get 3 busts. Other levels just give me 2. Would be nice if I tried to bust an ally (less points used) and if I failed I still had enough points to attempt to bust myself twice.

Q: WELL, I am never going to try to bust anyone or want to heal anyone, will there be some benefit for allies and enemies during wartime or attacking at other times? I WANT MORE WARS!!!!!!!!

A: Of course. If your gang designates another as enemy: Let's use my little gang and the toughest gang as examples. Let's say the SVs are upset with Jail Busters (example here) because they had members in jail and I skipped past them and attempted to bust another gang's member they did not like (I failed so I am in jail too and now it states who I tried to bust). SVs decide my gang will now be there enemy. So, the Prez or VP (only the Prez or VP has the permissions do it) designate my gang as so. I get a notice on my gang admin screen (also gang event notice) that now SVs have designated me as an enemy. So the plus for Jail Busters would be as I now know this I get a little bonus (-1 damage toward me per hit, +1 from me per hit, better chance at dodging, better chance at hitting, etc... let the Prez and/or VP decide what bonus if any they want (random if Prez or VP hasn't logged in after being designated as an enemy) at regular non-war attacks. NOW, if SVs declared on Jail Busters and are going all out in war the bonuses go to the declaring gang (More warring now it seems) although the Prez or VP will need to decide what bonus they would want when they designate me as an enemy.

Q: How do I help my allies out, especially in war?

A: You designate somebody as an ally. You get the bonuses as stated above for healing and busting. Ally lists are hidden to everyone else except the gangs who are allies (if you so choose to have it this way). During wartime if you see an ally warring with another or being declared on. You can be an actual attacking ally or just a defending/repairing ally. If just defending/repairing you use the normal APs it costs at your level to defend or repair your ally. Same AP usage as normal if attacking ally BUT, 1. You have to wait 10 to 15 minutes (or however long that Zenith decides) before you can actually attack the other gang, 2. They get a notice saying you are planning to attack them (whether you actually do attack or get the chance to attack is another matter) and they can now prepare, whether buying stims, getting more members, or attacking your members first. HOWEVER, if you announce your intentions to all that you are battle allies with other gangs the time penalty is omitted. I.E. We know SVs and VS are allies (that's a given), they announce it so when somebody looks on the SVs page it shows in green (or whatever color decided) that these are battle allies. Same can be said for Shadows, Bad, etc... We know they are battle allies to their families. Now, let's say that BAD and Shadows declare on each other; BAD members will run to the aid of BAD and Shadows to Shadows. Gang screens will need to be looked at to see who are battle allies with others. Of course, like stated if you are not a battle ally you can only repair/defend and remain hidden.

There of course will need to be some time limits for allies and enemies. Allies time limits can be for 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, indefinite. If a gang cancels their alliance with another before the time limit is up they are penalized for doing so (only the cancelling gang, the other gang is still alright) from a few days up to months depending on what time limit you designated to be allies. Also, the longer you designate to be allies the more bonuses you get (only for busts, healing, or ally hideout repair/defending). Example: If I am allied with Jail Busters 2 and designate 12 months as allies I get good bonuses (less points used) on busting them, healing them, or hideout repair/defend. I decide to break my alliance 6 months down the line I will now have my percentage lowered to bust people (same cost in APs though), lower damage in my attacks (people are aware now of who I am so they are prepared), and lower crime successes until my penalty phase is up. Gym trains will be normal as you are working out unless you go for a trainer whereas they have heard of you too and not really too concerned about how you train since they have their money now. However, if Jail Busters 2 were the ones to break the alliance they would be penalized for doing it and I would be safe from penalties as "I tried to make it work out" and it was them who ended it.

Same goes for the enemies list although not necessarily so long. You can designate anywhere from 1 to 7 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months. However, removing somebody from the enemies list will not penalize you as you both worked it out and are now probably going to whip on the rest of AL. lol lol However, it would take a little while to end it, can't all of a sudden be buddy buddy friends. Basically alot shorter like 1 day (next GD will work) for any times from 2 to 7 days, 2 days if over a week and less than2 weeks are left, 3 days if over 2 weeks and less than 3 weeks left, 5 days for 1 month, 7 days if 2 months, and 10 days for 3 months (or however long is designated)

I can go on but this is too long as it is. ROFL!!!!!!!!


Anybody have any comments on this? Would make wars very interesting. Would also be funny to see gangs that are offline getting beat by an online gang surviving longer than a few minutes because somebody they had as an ally was repairing/defending their gang and nobody knew who it was. Unless they were a battle ally of course then all would know. LOL

Just think if a gang went after another one that had a few allies plus one or two were online then. LOL Of course the ally gang(s) do not get any points since they weren't the initiating gangs and if allies hit the gang's hideout you were warring you would get less points. However, I think it would help out some smaller gangs to get some points to assist them in building. Smile
It's to long I don't think anyone read the whole thing.
*Read the whole thing*

Good thoughts bro,
when it comes down to it though, I think the effort involved in setting up a system like this, and keeping it balanced and maintained would outweigh the actual gameplay benefits from it.

It seems simple enough,
but so much work has gone into the gang maintainance, and gang battle mechanics that adding something like this into it might make it more complicated and cluster-fudged that it is intended to be.

While you make some good points,
if it ain't broke..,

Ochram's razor here,
I'd say.

All things being considered,
the simplest solution is always the best.

I've played a lot of online games,
and have always been impressed with Zen's ability to keep the gameplay fun, balanced, and innovative, and while I'd agree some of the proposals have merit, they'd overcomplicate gang mechanics more than they probably need to be.

It's a fine line to walk I'm sure, as a game programmer to keep things fresh and fun, while still trying to achieve gameplay that is intuitive and not overwhelming, and I'd say that in a lot of circumstances, keeping things more basic makes the game and gameplay more approachable, and serves to keep the game fun, exciting, without being overtly complex as to scare off new / potential members

::edited for typos, 1:49AM here, and the wine is influencing my spelling -_-::


Right on. Thanks for the input. Glad to see somebody had a comment. Smile It does not matter whether positive or negative as long as people see and comment.


I myself have been thinking of things similar to this, although a bit more simple. I agree that some form of system for allies would be beneficial but admittedly I get a bit overwhelmed at all the bonus and pen stuff. Personally, I would just be happy with a 'friends list' of sorts for allies/enemies that would notify an ally if a war has been declared against their counterpart.

I also had the interesting little thought of being an ally automatically includes in you wars. Mass hysteria would ensue but boy would that be fun to watch!
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