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Full Version: Exp Attacking
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This is MPO but I think that if you are attacking people just for exp and they pop online while in jail, you should send them a stim pack. Unless your purposely trying to initiate a war. What is everyones opinions?


Sounds expensive. Biggrin
yeah, I think the stem packs are pretty expensive
We cant begin to force people to do something, its not a rule that you cant attack people online. Its just common courtesy.

I try to send people stim packs if they log on right after i send them to hospital, but i dont ALWAYS do it. And it should be my own decision to do so.

Demanding things from someone that can beat you up is often not the most clever move when stuck in a corner.
wasn't meaning as a demand, was actually putting this out cause I've noticed some people didn't even know about stim packs or how to use one


Quote:I've noticed some people didn't even know about stem packs or how to use one

With that being said, would someone please give a brief explanation of what stem packs are and how to use them? Smile

Chris Mangano

They are actually "stim" packs and you can buy them at the drug stores in most districts. When used, they heal you and reduce your hospital time.
do they heal you? I thought they just reduced your hospital time but didn't give any Hit Points. I couldn't remember


if you use them to fully get out of the hospital then you get your hp set to half when you get out. If you only reduce you hospital time with them, even to 1 minute, they don't add any I don't think...
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