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Full Version: Item Market Limits
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As of right now a player can only place three items on the market, regardless of their type.

How about 3 of each type of item, Food/Medical/Collectible ... etc. etc.

I feel that my capitalistic endeavors are being infringed upon by an overzealous power...


No one?

There isn't one capitalistic f#cker in here?

What, y'all don't like makin' money?


I think this is a good idea. I need to make some cash too!


Why not just put a mole in someone's gang and steal it from 'em...


Marlo Wrote:Why not just put a mole in someone's gang and steal it from 'em...

Not too shabby an idea, but i prefer the item market one!

Honest cash over dirty cash and all that...
i totally agree....maybe 3 in 3 different ones max...or an overall total

3 is way too low imo


My sentiments exactly.

You would not be flooding the market by any means, considering the variation in product, so there could be no way of manipulating the overall cost of an item...
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