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Full Version: [FAQ] How do I become a Staff Member?
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In order for anyone to be considered for a staff position, they will need to prove they are trustworthy and will be good "employees" of the game. While there is no set list of requirements, there are many traits we will look for.
  • Trustworthiness - You must earn our trust. How? Your actions speak louder than words. While we can't do background checks on people, we will do our homework. A complete background log check will be first on our list of things to look into.
  • Maturity - While age might be important here, everyone is known for their little online rants and tantrums. One must show maturity in-game and in the forums to be considered.
  • Dedication - While we do want our staff members to be available when needed, just playing morning, noon, and night doesn't mean you will qualify. Dedication is both enthusiasm about the game as a player, and interest in giving up some player privledges in return for more responsibility.
  • Game Experience - If you know nothing about Awakened Lands, how can you help newcomers? Staff need to be well-versed in the mechanics of the game from a player's perspective. This means you will need to spend time playing the game before moving up the ranks as a staff member.
  • Willingness - Awakened Lands will never ask anyone to become a staff member. You must apply when a staff-needed listing shows up in the game.
Staff members will be held to a higher standard than any player. There will be rules to follow, and policies that need to be upheld. Also, treat becoming a staff member in a way similar to job ranks in the game. Every staff member will start at the bottom and work their way up through merit. This might mean starting off doing something you might not really be interested in doing.

Volunteering your services as a staff member is just that, you are volunteering your time to help the site by performing duties crucial to the game. Don't feel bad if you want to leave as a staff member and return to the ranks as a player, but also understand if things aren't working out on our end that we may terminate the staff-member relationship as well.
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