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Full Version: Get Referrals
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Tell people what the game is about, what happens here, everything you can do etc

Make a short introductory playing guide on how to start and then how to play, what to train, what crimes to do.

Then mail the short guide with a little introduction and YOUR referral link to ALOT of people either you know, you dont know or you may get to know soon.

you may wanna donate 5$ to get the full credit worth of the referring

help youre referrals out whenever they need you too, this will help them stay active and since the gains from referring continues to come as the players progress in levels and will ensure you a long lasting credit income


so, spam them in other words?
dont think you can fit hermetic food inside a mail. but everyone loves a food offering


In other games i am continuously given mails about new games and given their referal codes. It annoys me so much sometimes that i join the game but just to piss them off i type in a random referal code instead
well its always best to give referral codes to friends that you think will like the game. so that you can actually earn something from them. instead of getting players joining and leaving first day
Side Note : You don't earn any referral rewards here for players who join and never play much.


Can you still use a referal code after start the game?
Someone gave me his code two days after i started playing?
If so , how. :?:


No, that is not possible. If it was Zen would get blown away with requests, false and true ones.


Most people if new to the game would not know to use Referrals at sign up.
It wasn't clear to me when i started. if it is so important you ask new players if they have a code. just a thought.
Thanks Smile


well when you sign up there is a box that is labeled Referal Code
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