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Full Version: [FAQ] Why is my Credit/Debit card being rejected suddenly?
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Paypal accepts credit/debit card donations even if you do not have a Paypal account. However, they have a limit to this. When I asked someone at Paypal why this was, this was their response...

Quote:For certain countries it's the number of times a card can be used. After that, there is a max limit on the amount. Once that limit is reached, we require the card be used through an account, so that we can verify the ownership of the card. You probably hit that limit with the card. This is done for protection of the card owner to prevent fraudulent use of a card.

So if your credit/debit card is being rejected suddenly after working fine before, AND the card is still in good standing (and not expired), then this might be the issue. Their solution is to sign-up for Paypal. While this solution might not be acceptable to some, the alternative is the send us donations with money orders via snail mail.
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