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Full Version: Enduance and Intelligence day training
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This is an Idea so don't send the hate alright guys well unless it is constructive ok well I think we should every once and awhile have a like a gymbroee day for endurance and intelligence what do you guys think?


just in case I confused some of you I mean like you get the option in the gym to actualy train it your endurance and intelligence and it would be like every once and awhile like the gymbroee days are
i personally really like this idea, but most people wont go for it

the only argument i have for it really is this:

if you think it is unfair for people to be able to train END and INT on only certain days, keep in mind that if you already have the high END and INT from donating, then this people wont be training core stats, they will be training work stats, and therefore losing out on the potential awesomeness of a training day

thats all i got Smile i like the idea tho. as an every day thing? not so much. as a limited once or few times a month (more reasonably once)?? sounds good!!


thks pop and yeah thats what I mean maybe once every other month or something you could be able for a day to train it
Sounds like a great idea!


i like it, but the peeps who've donating $100's of dollars to get their end./intell. up won't go for it.
actually I am sure some of them wouldnt mind a day every now and then for training End or Int as that would allow them to take advantage of it as well and save them from having to donate another $400 to go from 20 to 22 endurance or what ever.

Training it my not be the way to go though as it may make the level 40 Items as common as the T450. I think there are level 17 players that are running around with a T450 now. instead perhaps revamping the school system, or maybe making a week that all jobs get a boost in trade in value for the work related attributes would be a better route to travel.
Saerin Wrote:maybe making a week that all jobs get a boost in trade in value for the work related attributes would be a better route to travel.

I like the idea of that...

'Your overbearing boss sends you on a training course where they only serve lucozade and day old sandwiches.'

I think a new school system could help in this rather than a training day. If schools were based more like the new careers where you could gain dev. points of all available stats depending on the class and the conversion you chose. Instead of waiting for the 30 day class to complete you could actually make improvements as you go. my .02


that sounds good. Plus, a lot of people have finished all the school classes.
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