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Full Version: Brave Points suggestion!
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I wonder if it would be possible to add into our Fight Logger, Brave Points. I dunno bout anyone else but I often Forget to look in POI between Fights and I'm often left wondering where the heck they came from. :roll:

Would it be possible to add a spot in our Fight Logger to show us if/when we we've earned Brave points and how many we got?


I support your stance and would like to contribute to your campaign.
Great idea! You have my support also


This works for me considering I seem to have absolutely no ability to hit that pantheon.


The Cowardly Marlo
great idea!


Here's a suggestion... explain what Brave points are??
From the Pantheon of Infamy Smile
"Player bravery is measured by how many opponents they defeat in combat who are stronger than them. Defeating stronger opponents requires that the opponent actually can put up a fight, and is at full strength. The stronger the opponent, the more points awarded. Strength is not measured in level, but power level (a combination of stats, level, etc)."
I made the POI for bravery....woo hoo.....i'm!


Is there any benefit to Bravery points? can they be spent on anything?


so, i know there are alot of people with alot of "brave points" but, if someone is higher level & higher stats, how do i beat them??? better armour & weapon?
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