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Full Version: Idea for new weapons
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Brass knuckles would be awesome.

Nunchekos, cops stick, and this kind of small rope they use to strangle too.

Would give more options to the "melee" style you'd like to be.

Maybe something like assassin could be added, different than martial arts.


hmmm.. assassin..
mybe an assassin/hitman's ability or advantage is that he deals or infilicts additional dmg while attacking and a combat disadvantage if he is the one attacked?? Biggrin lol
what you guys thing??


makes sence to me, or mabey can hit a targeted player without receiving damge or xp as long as said target is same lvl or lower
or assassins could hit people anywhere : prison, hospital.

or, without having a lot of attributes, could do a decent amount of dmg with the special skill, just like you stated.
What's the point of hitting someone in the hospital? Their already there! Twisted


tell that to mario puzo author of the godfather


Though, I hope you DO realise that this game is not based on the Mafia days. If you want that, go to Mafia Life.


i like AL just fine thank you Biggrin


Hm, just a thought. Smile You said you liked The Godfather. So I figured you'd like Mafia Based Games. So..yeah. =)


it's mafia based if you want it to be. or it can be a street gang thing to you.

AL is what you make it.
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