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i think while ur waiting u should be aloud to do punch ups but if caught ur prison time goes up by a certain amount of time i dont know but just gives us sumthing to do while in the farm waiting for a bust or time to go buy we could riot but like i said get caught time goes up (energy cost or AP cost )
yea, SOMETHING would be nice. the gym is pointless because your happiness further decreases and you dont get any benefits of your house, but your energy keeps going up yet youre stuck there... which sucks!!

prison fights would be nice! i actually agree, this would be kinda cool and fun. many possibilities there Smile no armor, no weapons, just fit fight between whoever is in there.


although it has been mentioned thousands of times. Still a kool idea.



I like it. Fists only or if you happen to have a knife equipped when you go to jail, you get to use a prison shank.


or when in jail if you have AP you can make a prison weapon. for like 5-6 AP you could make a shank, and for more AP you could make a few different jail weapons.
based on INT and DEX, you would be successful in making the weapon.

if this were to happen what would the point be? to get some extra XP? or maybe you put that person you attack in the hospital and you get more jailtime. or maybe make the attacker unbustable for the next half hour or so?


you could put them in "the hole" for so many mins. if the're caught attacking in jail. no rec-room, no mail, just solitary confinement.

been there once before changed my whole outlook on prison lol


psheehan78 Wrote:I like it. Fists only or if you happen to have a knife equipped when you go to jail, you get to use a prison shank.

If a user gets their butt thrown in jail, then the cops remove of all the user's items, with perhaps the exception of some "easy to conceal" items, such as a knife, or beef jerky. While a user is in jail, most of the time, it will be bare knuckles, all of the way! Then, when a user gets out of jail, the cops automatically equip all of the user's items, back on. Also, I think that it would be a good idea to use energy, if a user were to attack another user, in jail. I say this, mainly because it fits with the whole way of things, and a user's energy refreshes in jail, while a user's action points do not, thus leading me to believe that there will be more great scuffles and interesting stories to tell, to our future grand children.

[grandpa]Ya, I remember the Great Prison Riot of Ought Eight, it was me versus seven other fellas, and all I had was a fork and my wits!...[/grandpa]

Great Idea! Biggrin


Or say, while in Jail, you might be able to sign up for working, which, there's a catch. You might be able to make money, but your happiness runs down, and you use so much energy the more you work in jail. The working as in Cafeteria, Laundry, Butcher, and so on. All of those jobs that they do in Jail/Prison, lol.

Also: making weapons. People might have their items taken, but somehow there's always people in prison that find a way to make a weapon. Example: Toothbrush Shank. But, also another catch. While making the weapon, a reminder that the person WITH the shank has a 50% chance that they will get caught.

Oh, and another thing: Prison Riots. They might be mentioned before, but it's still a very good idea.

Gang Members: How about..if you're gang member gets caught trying to bust you out of jail, or gets caught for anything else, attacking someone, crimes, or any way, how about you are able to do a riot with them? Getting help from them would be very cool in my opinion. These are just ideas that go along with the topic. =D
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