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Full Version: Hideout Beserk Option
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Need to be full aps and uses all your aps at once. Takes between 100-350 HP off the opponents hideout in one swoop.
I like that, especially when I'm too lazy for multiple attacks Biggrin


Could be a good idea, not sure about the damage range though, should be based on what your weapon could do normally and not a fixed amount. Also 350 might be a little too high, imagine the result if a 15+ man gang decides to all do that option at the same time?!?!
Might help defeat balzaars. and give smaller gangs a fighting chance against large gangs. large warring gangs will have highhp so could probably cope against a gang going frenzy but it may bring it closer and up the fun a bit.

id also remove the points penalty for attacking players that are away or offline and limit it to onlines only and hospitalisations no matter the status
Awesome idea... just think of the fun i could have with that, hehehe Twisted


if this idea where to be implemented, I think the berserk option should yield a smaller amount of HP attacked on the treehouse than clicking individual hits. Reason being, if you don't have time to click each individual attack you should see a smaller benefit.

sorry if it makes no sense. oxycodone'd
i like the idea, but i agree with mud, if everyone in the gang hit the option at the same time there would be no time for any defense or use of cps to repair...bad idea....but as andy said, the penalty for members in the hospital if offline needs to be removed....
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