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What would a good crime rpg be without the ability to buy and sell drugs? I think it would be an interesting aspect. Along with the usual kinds of drugs(i.e. crack, weed, heroin, etc.), I'd like to see lesser known drugs on the list. These would be drugs such as DXM, acid, and ecstasy. :shock:


....What..? lol


This topic went a different direction than I thought...

I was thinking you could buy combat drugs that would improve your stats (one stat per drug) for a short time but then weaken that sta for a like amount of time.

would help in a big fight but you'd pay for it later.

But the coding on that seems rough?
You put the cough syrup remedy [DXM] as a drug? Jeez...

I think one of the major reasons they took that off the market is that it was known to cause hemorrhaging in some women. Oh yes, and the fact that it could make one "drunk".
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