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Full Version: Hospitalizing Beginners
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gtoofs Wrote:cant offer immunity then the new level ones would have difficulty climbing levels....maybe immunity to bezerks and hospitalizatons your first 24 hours or until level 3, kind of probationary like the forums priveledges...dunno
This was from forum topic:

Sounded good to me, figured I would post a comment in here.

My thoughts on this would be:

Levels 1 - 2: No Muggings
Levels 1 - 4: No Hospitalizations

This will keep new players from being "robbed" of the money they start out with to be able to start a bank account.
This will also keep new players from starting the game, being sent to the hospital for long periods and quit the game before ever learning about it.
Nicely stated.


Definitely good. I can't find a yes answer to a poll to vote for this (Or even a poll, LOL). Kind of forgot one possibly? Razz Razz
Im all for this, protection of new players is key IMO
As stated above, Im for it, give the noobs a chance to learn the game we love so much. If Al quits growing, it will die or diminish. Sad to say, but noobs are the life blood of the game. We have to treat them with a little love. Smile
I agree. This sounds like a reasonable solution and something really needs to be done.

I have seen several posts from new players stating that the game looked good but they were leaving because of the hospings. I believe there are way more who dont even make it on here to tell us thats why they've left. Sad


are ppl really doing this to newbs?

why dont we just do it right back to them?

FaceOwner Wrote:are ppl really doing this to newbs?

why dont we just do it right back to them?


That's exactly what I want to know. I've heard rumors but unless there is some proof then nothing can really be done.
I posted this somewhere else, lets start with this name.

Speaking of level 1's being hospitalized, this guy has logged in 3 times in the past 24 hours, has ignored my nice emails and has hospitalized 2 level 1's online and 1 level 2 online.

snipedsheep ID 9884

To date in 2 days now he has hospitalized 5 players.
And I see our loveable teampbr is still at it but with a new name, he got 3 this morning before Chance nailed him.

3442 poopypantsmcgee
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