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Full Version: thoughts on a new district
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what does every body think about a new district called lil china town,a place where you could buy melee weapons and hard to find equipment


LOL lol


but nice idea
Just wait for the next contest Razz

We'll vote to rename decatur for you Smile
Would be fun with a new district for all, with a twist, cause I wanna see the Darkside of decatur. A travel within Decatur.

They could sell really good weapons, only 1 weapon + armor a day, but the twist here is, they dont sell it all day, cause they are chased by cops. So they only have it on market 2-3minutes every 2-3hours. But you cant stay there for long, more then 10-15mins cause if you do the thieves and bullies in Decatur Darkside will mug and hospitalize you Biggrin (100min+ stays)

Would be fun with a dangerous district Biggrin


Not a bad idea there I think. However, the LVL 40s will just own the district. One of these thieves and/or bullies trying to mug and/or hospitalize them will be an equivalent of a 2 year old trying to take on a black belt in karate. LOL


I think he meant an auto-loss, no fight, you just get beaten down by them and wakes up in the hospital.


AHHHHHHHH, I see. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scorpious Wrote:equivalent of a 2 year old trying to take on a black belt in karate.

My kids do it to me all the time! lol


personally, i think lvl 8 to lvl 22 is too big a gap to not have a new district, so i'd throw one in there before anything else.
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