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Im hoping there is a way we can get a good idea of who is active. More than I'd expect to see show activity inside of two weeks, and many others inside of a year.
A few of the original Dissidence are up for being active for a little while at least.
If you notice this, add some thoughts, and consider who you could possibly get back.

Does the owner ever come around? To my knowledge it was SnorkelBill aka Cypher I think?
As much I would like this game to be alive I think it's a tough sell.

Without an active admin of any sort most people will not donate a penny. I know I won't. This game is built to need donator status to really progress. And if you had a gang full of donors vs. Non-donors its hard to really compete.q

Add to the fact this game was in its prime like 9-10 years ago and I think a lot of people who made this game fun either have forgotten it exists or maybe don't have interest in a game like this anymore.

And as far as I remember Zen still owned the game but Snorkel/Cypher was going to take on some updates. But I could be wrong. This is a long time ago now

I do still play torn with some former AL members and occasionally AL comes up in chat but my interpretation would be they wouldn't have interest playing a dead game with no admin, updates etc.

I wish you all the luck in your efforts.
What you say makes a lot of sense. I wasn't thinking entirely for long term activity, but more potential short term.
If you're thinking short term you would need to try and get a few more active members back and amalgamate into a few different gangs. Then atleast you could have some sort of warring system that could work.
Thats what I had in mind, for a basic possible layout. I think if we get a handful of active ones we can maybe figure something out.

This is Ken M., he is in control of this game.
He will usually respond to people's messages.
This is also who gets the money when donated.

If reach out to him. I believe we need someone else to run the game. Maybe he's looking for someone who will!
Cypher didn't do very well
Oh hi
Looks like Delpot is in! This game is almost running at full steam again.
I still sign in once a day or so out of habit. Train some skills and prevent getting fired from career. Can’t remember the last time I attacked someone.
(2021.Feb.11 09:41 PM)delpot Wrote: [ -> ]Oh hi

Long time no see old friend!!!
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