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Full Version: Rest In Peace Howl
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We all miss you Howl.
Hoping you're watching over us as an Angel
wow really, rip howl. played with her since i started ;/.
I'm just seeing this. I can't believe it. Rest in peace Howl, I'll miss my friend.
Awe yes the legendary Howlsong always a friend and easily persuaded to smack the S.W. would be bullies.Tis such a shame PuN isn't around to keep Connie is check just like he used to in the glory days.
Log on 2022 to see we lost another. Rip howl. Go do some dabs with dingus.
(2021.Feb.06 07:33 PM)Conrad1103 Wrote: [ -> ]Very sad to hear about Howls. She was one of a kind. In hindsight, even tougher in RL than she was on here. May she rest in peace.

Fuck you Confag noone asked you.
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