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Full Version: A historic day for AL
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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of the end for the former gang, jOINTcHIEFS.

In the one year since ICC and DMW decided to start hosping our low level players to get them to quit, they have unfortunately succeeded on occasion. However their minor victories came at a great cost. Their once bustling gang of 20 members is now just 2 fools and their 7 other accounts that they sometimes remember to log into. Not only has their selfish aggression robbed them of their friends, but today it has robbed them of the last of their gang points. I am pleased to announce that on August 21, 2018, 1:47:48 pm, our very own JohnsonHalo received this:

"You defeat ObsessedMuchDC in an individual gang battle. You walk away and let the defeated gang battle opponent ponder the effect on his gang.

Gang Points Gained in Battle : 4
Experience Earned : 105
Hospitalization Time : 22"

Exactly 1 year from the beginning of the end, is the end of the end. As of today, the former gang known as jOINTcHIEFS has nothing left.

Suck it.

Gone and soon to be forgotten
They will not be forgotten only rememberd as loser for ever wall of shame
bump for deadman
Soooooo.... What did I miss?
Another hosp war. The usual, nothing special.
[Image: 2xl4r7.jpg]
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