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Full Version: just what ever.
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flashbangers for fighting handgrenades for hideout attacks.
they could sell them in a shop around 100k each they don't have to do major damage say around 120 attack points for grenades and first two hits for flash if you can understand that then good.
That wouldn't work well, you could take out a whole hideout with a few of them. But then each hideout you attack could be limited to using 1-3 frenades per hideout
torns good with the amount of players, but not as fun IMO
Way overly populated. I played for 2 months. Made 0 friends, in fact ppl I didn't already know from AL didn't talk at all. Fuck torn. Also there's no way i could catch up and be a significant member of the game in an acceptable amount of time.
We all know the game is dead but after 8 years I don't want to put time in another game. Any other game I play gonna be on a console
At least err was terminated that's progress.
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