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Full Version: anyone know any new games like AL?
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Anyone playing any new games sorta like AL, I prefer text based w/ a good mobile app. Doesn't have to be crime/gang based. But most importantly I'm looking for a game that just launched.

Awakenedlands got 60 reviews on this site. There are even a few games that look a lot like awakenedlands...Lmao
This game is unmatched just that their to lazy to do anything. Been around the text base along time so I know I'm right.
Ive been perpetually searching for a better game. Its sad but this is the best. At least this us the only one i can tolerate longer than a few days.

However, theninja-rpg is one that i liked alot until i didnt play for a few months and everyone forgot about me. When i returned and everyone i remembered act like total strangers. Couldnt handle it
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