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Full Version: Request to Delete Account
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Hi, I no longer wish to have an Awakenedlands account,
Please delete it, Thank you
lol, that one is even more impossible to happen than updates.

If you dont wish to play, not playing requires less effort than ridiculous requests
Ssh, he needs closure man! Can't quit a game if the account is still there!!! Just look at me, if my account was deleted coz of inactivity ill never return to this game regardless of active admins.

I think that's what abysmalpoptart is trying to do, get himself fedded so he can't look back anymore, after all it's hard to lose a lvl 50+ account especially if u got it during the time where there was less inactives. Ur force to bug active ppl (see the other offline QQ yet again thread)
Just stop being inactive and you're account may get the priviliege of being fed jailed instead lol!

So inactivity is a fed jailable offense lol?
2010.Sep.24, 04:57 PM
So inactivity is a fed jailable offense lol?
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You pound Macleod to a bloody pulp. When you are satisfied at the pool of blood laying at your feet, you slip off into the shadows.

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Love poking fun at people who don't know how to use your and you're correctly!!

Your post is still as bad as ever, you're still weak though, SuperDave. Hosping a low level? roflmao.
(2014.Apr.30 04:01 PM)techygav Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, I no longer wish to have an Awakenedlands account,
Please delete it, Thank you

I tried to do this. But they never did it so I am stuck playing.... Forever
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