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This has probably already been stated but i've never seen it mentioned so ho about we have 2-4 customizeable panels on the home page that we can put anything we want on. Nothing donator obviously but, hypothetically say my trips to the site are to do carrer, skills, then attack a gang. i can put the declare war tab as one of the custom panels then its quicker and simpler. Or i could put the seond bank and just have a stremline instead of going through the explore tab over and over, or any compacity you can think of.
I feel this would be hugely useful to all the players that go through mobile phones as im sure everyone here knows depending on the phone, buying something can be very time consuming and extremely dangerous.
Any opinoins, critics, or this ideas stupid people' and do we have anyone who can even make changes anymore?
good ideas. too bad theres no one to do anything with them. maybe crunchy will put this idea in his game!!
what is that game called and is it anything like this?
its not made yet.

side note; make a 420 contest
Crunchy's game is gonna kick ass, I was already promised 10 million creds
im not gonna ask, i have faith crunchy will give me welfare on his game. i've always been a supporter
how can I get in on this? Who do I need to talk to?
its not up and running yet. im sure when it is he will let people know. thing is you cant recruit ppl from here so most ppl will have to actively ask him about it through in game mail without prior advertisement for the game
The basic mechanics are going to be like this game (which shares the basic mechanics of basically any text based rpg). i'm currently coding it, beta testers will get incentives for once the game is out of beta stage.

i.e: you guys be beta testers, find shit which doesn't work, make suggestions, test them, then the database gets wiped when the game goes live, everyone is reset, but beta testers get some candy/credits/your gift/your own weapon/a pair of my socks/insert prize here comes the day the game goes live.
Haha. Awsome sign me up, put my name somewhere and keep me in mind ill gladly help with bugs or suggestions.
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