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Full Version: this would be nice
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i'm sure this isn't the first time its been suggested but really now...

i've accrued a shit load of hospital mins and given a bunch lately also. i was thinking just how nice it would be to see how many mins i've dished out and received. could even be broken down in a separate section of the fight logger. leaves, mugs, hosps, and zerks all individually categorized for how many mins of each you have attacked for and defended for.

even better, you could add that to the combat section of the poi, too.
+100 nice idea Smile
yea like that novel idea!! needs implemented withthe quickness. no delays. crunchy, im leaving u in charge of this project because i know ur probably bored as fuck
on a side note this should prob cost money im thinkin

Sex Change
i think its still in lineWinky
i'll allow it!
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