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Full Version: Cop specific Crimes
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I had a thought the other day when I was busted for a complex meth lab that maybe the penalty should be different for a cop, or that we should have some other crimes that cops seem to be guilty of. Any one else have ideas along this line?

Cops could be caught planting evidence, abusing their badge privileges and so on.


Actually, since cops are "SUPPOSED" to be an example to the community of honor, courage, and commitment or whatever aspects you want to give them, I think they should be busted for longer times for committing crimes. ROFL!!!!!!!! On the other side of the coin, since they are STILL law enforcement personnel regardless of them committing crimes maybe it can be easier for them to bust out of jail or others bust them out as they possibly can know people in the jail who may "Unintentionally" be looking the other way when they get busted. HEHE
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