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Full Version: Reactive Camoflage
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I was watching one of my favorite shows and had an idea for a new AL armor. Reactive Camoflage. This armor is a tech that grants the wearer limited invisibility (If you've ever seen Ghost in the Shell or Predator, you know what I mean) Rather than soaking damage by increasing your resistance, it debuffs your attackers accuracy so you are much harder to hit. However, the trade off is that if you ARE struck, you recieve the full effect. This armors requirements are based off of your Intelligence, rather than your Strength or Resistance as it is a technology that requires knowledge of its use.

Just another item to offer some diversity in combat rather than everyone being loaded out with a 450 and Sic/203 armor. =]
Aw chromataphors i believe they are called....good idea!


* Looks at his intelligence ranking... Agrees to items requiring intel instead of other stats.*

Good idea, let's give a little more use to intel. Can't say I've seen it do much for me between when I had a rating of 10 and now. (although there's many things we don't see but that happens or affects the game)


I'm just always down for a new way to build my character. I don't like being a cookie cutter.
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