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Full Version: Marriage and chat
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In other games ive been in marriage has been a way to help up stats like mood and happiness and maybe it could be useful in this game. I know its Pg 13 but it could still provide u with some one to connect with.. the lack of a chat room makes u feel isolated from the other players.. this kinda helps with that

Also if chat rooms are ever added it would also be cool for gang memebers to have chat rooms to meet in maybe pay in game money to book a room to chat in


That wouldnt be a bad idea. i dunno about the isolated from other players, thats what gangs, these forums, and in-game email is for.


and people use msn chat, bulletin boards, private email, etc.
Yup msn chat is great especially when ur at war... always nice to know whose attacking whom and what they've recieved for it... especially when u dont have something that keeps track for u. :wink:
I am a firm believer of the "longer it takes for you to respond to something, the less chance you'll say something stupid" theory. We did have a player who was going to set up an IRC server for the game, but it didn't materialize due to real-world issues.
There is a real world :shock:


last time i checked (googled)


p.s. can i get more than 1 wifey pls
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